It is crunch time for the Kimberley in Western Australia. The Kimberley is one of the last true wilderness area and an area very dear to my heart, as are all wilderness areas. I have been to this area no less than four times and have seen more of the Kimberley than most so take it from me, this is one unique area of the world we must save. No where in the world compares.

jamespricepoint2 This untouched ancient landscapes is under heavy threat from politicians and mining companies. Western Australia Premier Barnett has started a process of compulsory acquisition (colonization, again, stealing the land, again) of land at James Price Point for the world’s largest gas hub. There are other options for processing the gas and we must save the planet from ourselves. Please help by signing this campaign: and visiting the links below and offer your help.

Michael Fletcher recently cut an awesome Save The Kimberley video featuring the untouched Kimberley. This is what will die out if we do not act:

Finally, I have developed a few more of my images from my March visit to James Price Point to illustrate what is at stake. I have donated all my Kimberley images to Save The Kimberley and Wilderness Society to help the cause.



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My fine art images from The Kimberley and from James Price Point